• Why use a professional pet sitter?

High energy pets

Many dogs need more exercise than their owners have time to provide. Sending your dog to run with the pack not only meets those needs, but ensures happy healthy and exhausted pups. Many clients send their dogs 2-3 times a week to supplement their exercise routines at home.


Healthy happy dogs thrive on socialization. Many clients send their pets to play with other dogs.

Out of town travel

Many report Critter Sitters takes some of the stress out of travel, as they no longer worry about pet care.

Working long hours

Many clients work late or long hours. They report feeling relieved that their pets are having fun and relaxing while they work.

Trained staff

Untrained or unwilling friends and neighbors need not be bothered.

Communication is easy

If a client is worried about their pooch, they can always call or text to check in.

Lengthy illness or hospital stays

When unfortunate circumstances arise, many clients feel at ease and are able to focus on recovery while their pet is in a loving and caring environment.

Licensed, bonded and insured

When leaving town many clients report feeling a sense of security leaving their beloved pet with a professional instead of with a neighbor or friend.